Experience the revolution of tomorrow, today.
qi-quant technology combines the knowledge of physicists from hundreds of years with the newest scientific insights in Quantum physics and bio-resonance.
Quantum- Technology
Qi-quant technology uses subatomic particles to build a Quantum-vital-field, which consists of negatively charged ions, biophotons and all vital frequencies from the sun, earth and cosmos.

Qi-quant vital-field
The stay in a qi-quant vital-field provides every cell of your Body with different qualities:

1) All vital cell-, sun-, earth- and cosmos-frequencies vitalize your endogenous self-regulating forces.

2) Biophotons vitalize your metabolism and improve the communicative abilities of your cells, which the permanent electric Smog.

3) Negatively charged ions are energy Booster and a fountain of youth for your Body – metabolism and detoxication are animated- you feel more energetic, like after a walk in nature!

Free 0-point energy
The free 0-point energy uses the Nikola Tesla plate principle, which produces natural electricity.
This natural 0-point energy is used to operate the processors, steerings and frequency converter – which stabilize the quantum field and supply the life-giving frequencies in your vital field.

17 years of Research
Quantum physicist Harald Granzer is the founder of the revolutionary technology.
His Research work took 17 years of hard work in collaboration with Dr. Robert Becker.

The result of his work are groundbreaking products, which improve your everyday life, increase and obtain your health, fill up your energy reserve and give your water the natural vitality back.

Profit from the qi-quant technology and feel how the quantum field load up your cells- so you will have enough energy for all you want.