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Certified natural cosmetics

All avinya® products comply with international guidelines for natural cosmetics and are NATRUE-certified.

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Our skin – a miracle

Our skin is a true miracle: it protects us and encases us, it breathes and it nurtures itself. In the ideal case, it does not need any care in order to look radiant and beautiful. Healthy skin produces the best cosmetics by itself. However, its finely balanced hydrolipid film is exposed to a constant interplay of internal and external influences. This weakens the natural protective shield. Even more so, if the skin is naturally dry or oily and blemished.

The skin needs nutrition

The avinya® REPAIR emulsion contributes, with its unique care formula, to the restoration of the protective hydrolipid film of the skin surface and its long-term maintenance. avinya® REPAIR helps even very oily or dry and rough skin to regenerate itself comprehensively. The skin is supplied with moisture and oil in one care course. Bio aloe vera juice in combination with valuable oils and selected extracts returns balance to the skin and nurtures it to become radiantly beautiful.

avinya® and the skin breathes again

avinya® is 100% nature of the purest quality. A high quality nurturing for the skin, which soaks in especially fast and does not leave any unpleasant oily film. Unlike ordinary creams, which contain mineral oils, softeners or emulgators, the pores remain free. The skin can continue to breathe. Collected harmful substances are transported away and oxygen, much needed for regeneration, can be absorbed.

Certified natural cosmetics

All avinya® products comply with international guidelines for natural cosmetics and are NATRUE-certified. They consist solely of natural, edible ingredients. The skin metabolism can thus be supported in the best possible manner and the breathing activity of the skin can be secured on a long-term basis. 100% natural ingredients are an important contribution to maintaining the health not only of the skin, but of the entire body. Because the right skin care is always healthcare as well.

Application tips

The avinya® REPAIR emulsion protects, nurtures and regenerates your skin to a state of health and beauty. It is a true multitalent with many application possibilities:

  • For daily body care
  • For daily facial care (as make-up foundation and light night cream)”
  • After cosmetic treatments such as peeling, sugaring or waxing”
  • As after-sun care
  • For the preparation of wet shaving and for regeneration afterwards”
  • For rough hands
  • To care for chaffed, itchy skin spots
  • Ideal for neurodermitis, psoriasis or acne

Home & Go

The avinya® REPAIR emulsion is available in the sizes of 15, 75 and 200 ml

Practical for at home and on the go!

The extra long, intense care experience

Our precious avinya® care emulsions come in a practical airless pump dispenser. The dispenser protects the formulations from oxidation and light in an optimum manner. In addition, any contact with oxygen is prevented. The emulsions retain their effectiveness for a long time and can be extracted to the last drop.

Refill & Save: sustainable packaging

At avinya®, we want man and environment to remain healthy. Therefore, we use solely biological ingredients degradable in nature and attach great importance to the sustainability of the packaging. avinya® emulsions come without gimmicks or superfluous ballast. The 15 and 75 ml sizes can be refilled easily and can thus be used multiple times. This is good for the environment and good for people!

Refilling the AIRLESS pump dispenser? This is how it works: link to https://www.avinya.at/de/refill-save/”

Ingredients avinya® REPAIR emulsion

Bio aloe vera juice*, wheat germ oil, bio ethyl alcohol*, jojoba oil*, grapeseed oil, lanolin, witch hazel flower water, tocopherol (vitamin E), bisabolol, lemongrass, sunflower oil*, lavandin oil*, tiger grass, bentonite (mineral earth), xanthan gum, sclerothium gum, sodium phytate, water, rosemary oil, camomille extract, sweet orange oil, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, citric acid

* controlled biological cultivation

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